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AUD/USD 0.9149 0.9189 0.9289
BWP/USD 0.1123 0.1153 0.1198
GBP/USD 1.4786 1.4886 1.5006


1.0514 1.0579
USD/DKK - - -
EURO/USD 1.1726 1.2786 1.2876
USD/ZAR 9.7750 9.9750 10.1750
USD/JPY 100.0800 100.5800 101.0800
NZD/USD - - -
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Capital Enhanced Interest Rate Call Account

At Capital Bank Corporation Limited, innovation comes standard. We do not believe in thinking outside the box, for us there is no box! Our products are tailor-made to suit our clients’ exact requirements. We are cognizant of the environment we operate in and therefore strive to exercise our minds and produce financial solutions that add value to our customers.Stemming from...

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Letter from Capital Bank's MD

Dear Client,I am extremely pleased to inform you of the launch of Capital Bank Corporation Limited (CBCL). The bank, a strategic reinvention of ReNaissance Merchant Bank following a financial bail out by the National Social Security Authority (NSSA) and supported and approved by various regulatory authorities, is currently on a journey of transformation to become one of the most admired...

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Economic Trends: New battlegrounds and shifting sands for the financial sector in 2013

Twenty 12 is a year many bankers would be happy to forget; but new battlegrounds and shifting sands do not make Twenty 13 a year to be positively anxious about either. In reality, fears that 2013 will bring more of the same challenges for the banking sector in particular, as in 2012, are plausible considering the evident shift in the...

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